OSD5K Race Results

2020 Race Timing provided by:



2014 - Top Overall Male & Female

Julia Barenbaum - 21:14:89 / 6:50

Richard Bowers - 20:49:70 / 6:42



2015 - Top Overall Female & Male

Kayla Droessler - 20:06:58 / 6:28

Joshua Crull - 18:10:07 / 5:51



2016 Top Overall Female & Male

Hilbey, Rebekah - 20:54:27

Joshua Crull - 17:14:09


2017 Top Overall Female & Male

Droessler, Kayla - 20:52.91

Wilson, Andrew - 18:22.09


2018 Top Overall Female & Male

Ashley Rosemerman - 22:10.77

Ben Sievert - 17:00.17

2019 Results 

2019 Top Overall Female & Male

Isabella Trout - 22:53.64

Noah Friske - 16:38.48


What is bib-chip timing?


A B-Tag is a timing device that's used in many road races to determine a race participant's net time. The B-Tag registers when you cross the special timing mat at the starting line and then records when you cross a similar timing mat at the finish line. So if it takes you 10 minutes to get across the starting line, that amount of time won't be counted in your overall net time. Your official time will be the exact time it took you to get from the starting line to the finish line.


B-Tags can also be used to track where participants are on the course, as they run across timing mats at checkpoints on the course. Your friends and family members can track your progress on the course using the race website or by receiving text messages on their mobile device.


B-Tags have slowly been replacing the old timing chips, which used to be the most popular method of timing and tracking runners. Unlike timing chips -- which are attached to the runner's shoe -- the B-Tag is usually part of the race bib. It's a strip of plastic either on the back or bottom of the bib. When putting on your race bib, make sure that you don't assume the B-Tag is an unnecessary part of the race bib and tear it off.


OSD5K advises the following, to ensure an accurate race time:


•Make sure your race bib is clearly visible on the front of your torso.

•Make sure your bib isn't folded or wrinkled.

•Keep your bib pinned in all four corners.

•Don't cover your bib with clothing, runner belts, or water bottles.